Woman recounts brutal Bela-Bela attack

Woman literally fought her fingers off to save her baby – Bela-Bela attack

Monique de Souza, 28, whose fiancé was stabbed to death in an attack on their smallholding in Bela-Bela on Tuesday, has told how she fought off the attackers and wrestled with one of them when he tried to rape her.


Monique de Souza in hospital shortly after the attack


Monique de Souza (Netwerk24)

Monique de Souza (Netwerk24)

Netwerk24’s Marietie Louw-Carstens and George Germishuys spoke to her at St Vincent Hospital in Bela-Bela, where she is recovering from the attack. She broke fingers as she fought back.

Jakes van Deventer, 35, was stabbed at least 21 times with a knife and screwdriver.

Every time they stabbed him she could see blood and insides coming out, she said. His blood splattered as high as the ceiling.

Attempted rape

At one point, Van Deventer’s 4-year-old daughter from a previous relationship came into the room and asked the men not to hurt her father. They told her to shut up and go to sleep.


Monique de Souza and Jakes van Deventer in happier times


One of the men ordered De Souza to take off her dress and underwear. She said she prayed for the strength of 200 men as she lay on the bed. She then took a knife which she kept by the bed and attacked the man as he loosened his belt.

In the struggle they fell over Van Deventer as he lay bleeding on the floor. De Souza eventually managed to stab the man, and the attackers then fled.

Van Deventer said he was thirsty so she ran to get water for him, and comforted their 4-month-old baby, who was crying in the room.

“Promise me you’ll look after our children,” Van Deventer said before dying.

De Souza lost her husband four years ago when he died of a heart attack.

Limpopo police said the same team of detectives who investigated the murder of retired doctor Louis-John Botha are hunting for suspects. One man has been taken in for questioning.



5 responses to “Woman recounts brutal Bela-Bela attack

  1. debbie swart

    HI Monique
    Living now in New Zealand, we lived in Warmbaths, my Parents names are Harry and Lettie Carter, he knows Jaqalene huisaman too.
    We remember you and your family and wish you all the blessings from over the water, speedy recovery to you and sympathy with your loss.
    You are very brave and courageous.
    Look after yourself and hope they catch the cowards.

  2. God what a brave woman!!
    What is happening in the new SA?

  3. You are right Ronaldo, many South Africans suffer with PTSD. I moved to the United States last year and cannot describe the relief I feel. I can reverse out my own garage without being worried about being held at gunpoint for my car. I do not have to lock myself behind a security gate when I go to bed at night. I can take my kids for walks around the neighborhood. I can stop at traffic lights and there is no one lurking around waiting to smash my window, I do not have to lock my handbag in the boot while driving. I can carry cash in my bag while shopping. I don’t dread driving at night. The list goes on and on. We coming out to SA in June to visit family and can quiet honestly tell you that I am petrified!!!


    Wow. What a dreadful evening. To lose two men . I shake my head and please get strong and be glad they did not hurt the children or rape you.

  5. Crime is rife in the new SA, Andre, simply because the criminals get away with it, mostly! If only they would bring back the death penalty! Here, they will slit your throat for a cell phone, because they are savages, bottom line! I drive an old car and always say I won’t upgrade because nobody would steal it. Ha! They tried on Sat night, but were interrupted by security guards at the shopping centre! Nothing and no-one is safe!