Farm attack – Virginia

A couple were attacked in their sleep at about 2am this morning on their farm Vermilerskraal better known as Ron se gat , outside Virginia. Three attackers Virginiamapwearing balaclavas got access to the Nel couple’s home and held them at gunpoint.

The farm is situated on the banks of the Sand River. According to police the attackers entered through a window entered the house . Ronnie , 66 , and his wife Ciska , 51 , were tied with Electrical cords and the three men demanded money from the couple . The victims were then forced to unlock their safe. Four rifles and some cash and a cell phone were stolen.

According to the source, shots were fired at the couple but fortunately no one was injured.  The couple were able to free themselves and they called the police as well as all the other farmers in the area .

The men allegedly fled into a mine.

No arrests have been made

By: Alet van der Walt

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