Another Farm Attack in Delmas South Africa – Dogs poisoned


During the day on Sunday, a well-known farmer from Delmas in Mpumalanga, who has over the past few years been attacked on his farm seven times, defended

Wykie Berg chasing his attackers

Wykie Berg chasing his attackers

his wife and himself against eight attackers.

WYKIE BERG (65) and his wife HANNETJIE (63), relations of the actor and presenter HYKIE BERG, was unharmed after the attack. However, they are mourning the loss of their beloved dogs, poisoned shortly before the attack.

On Wednesday BERG told Maroela Media that he and his wife was listening to a church service on the radio on Sunday morning and heard the dogs barking. “I originally though they were barking at the turkeys, so I waited for the conclusion of the church service before I went to investigate” he said.

BERG took his 9mm pistol with him and when he arrived outside, he saw the carcass of one of the dogs in front of the bedroom window and immediately became suspicious.

“I went back into the house and said to my wife, ‘now we are in big trouble.” I prepared my gun. After the seven previous attacks our house is very secure, and the only way you can gain access is through the kitchen door. I stood at the kitchen door and banged on the steel door and pretended that was calling the dogs and the farm animals. When I pushed the door open, all hell broke loose”

BERG said eight suspects opened fire on him, and he fired in the attackers’ direction until he emptied his eight bullet magazine in theie direction

“They fired approximately 16 shots at me before they ran away. It looked as if one of them was wounded, because he had difficulty running” he explained.

BERG secured his wife and himself in the house and called for assistance. Soon after that the Police and farmers of the region were on the scene and searched the area but, could not find the attackers.

BERG described his pets, Missie, Ounooi and Wagter as loving dogs. “I found burying them more traumatic than I did the attack.” he said. “They were poisoned with a potent poison. We do not know exactly what it is, but it is not Temic, which is mostly used in dog poisonings” He said the dogsmust have died within minutes from when they were poisoned.

Lorraine Claasen, criminologist and researcher at AfriForum, told Maroela Media that dogs in small holding areas are normally poisoned because it makes it easy for the perps to gain access to them

“Poison is put in small pieces of food and is cast over the wall or wire fence to eliminate the threat of the dogs” Claasen said. “It also indicates that the property was watched for days or weeks before the attack.” She said this method is used to make it as easy as possible for attackers to commit crimes.

The Police are investigating a case of attempted murder. Nobody has yet been apprehended.

Source: Maroela Media (Translated from Afrikaans)

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