Another Farm Attack! – Brondal – Koos Kruger shot twice in his bed, wife beaten up!

BRONDAL – A man is in a stable condition after he was shot twice by armed robbers early this morning in his home.  Mr. Koos Kruger and his wife,  Leigh Kruger, were in the main bedroom sleeping when six men stormed the house.

Four men were in the house and the other two stood outside and kept watch.Crime_2_0 Shaun Terblanche, operations manager of J & M Security Nelspruit, said the men first broke into the office, which is next to the house. However, they could not get into the house from the office and then walked around and cut the burglar bars by a open window and climbed in.

Kruger woke up 03:00 with a huge fright and was greeted by four men in the bedroom. One suspect was armed with a handgun. There were words between Kruger and the suspects, and the armed man shot at Kruger hitting him in the chest and arm. Ms Kruger then fell flat and pretended she was shot as well.

The suspects picked up their victims arms and dropped them to see if they were really dead. When they were satisfied, they started looking for the safe, says Terblanche.  While the men were busy in another room, Ms Kruger rose and started to drag her husband out of the room . One of the robbers returned to the room and caught her.  She ran out of the house and two men chased after her and tackled her down on the lawn and beat her.  Terblanche says Ms Kruger is not seriously injured.

All six suspects then went inside the house in to collect the victims weapons. They also stole an unknown amount of money.  The suspects left my cutting the electric fence, and escaping.  J & M Security were called to the scene, as well as HI-TECH’s medical services, Mpumalanga Emergency Medical Service, Netcare 911 and contacted the police. Mr. Jacques Ainslie, manager of HI-TECH Nelspruit’s medical services said Kruger had lost a lot of blood and was critical.

“We took him to Nelspruit Medi Clinic, where he is now in a stable condition.” The suspects are still at large. Residents of the area have been warned to be on the lookout for the six suspects.

Source: The lowvelder – Translated from Afrikaans

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